2009, 2016

The InnoSi case studies

September 20th, 2016|Case studies|Comments Off on The InnoSi case studies

The tasks included in Work Package 4 relate to the selection, research and investigation into two in-depth case studies in each of the participating countries in the InnoSi project. These case studies have been chosen to highlight examples of social investment that can provide insights into how the state can effectively interact with sections of society, either […]

1609, 2016

New legal report shows legal legitimacy of IPP

September 16th, 2016|blog|Comments Off on New legal report shows legal legitimacy of IPP

by Christopher Andersson, Forum Ideburna

More and more municipalities are choosing to enter agreements with civil society organizations through Value Based Partnerships (IOP). In Forums´ work with IOP many municipalities have expressed concern over the legal legitimacy of IOP. Through a newly published legal report we can state that this concern is unjustified. IPP: s entered […]