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Meeting the challenge of reforming public services

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First published on 13/10/2017 by MetroPolis https://mcrmetropolis.uk/ 

By Prof Chris Fox

New challenges

The challenges that the post-war public sector was built to respond to have changed: life expectancy has risen, employment rates are as high as they have ever been, , crime has fallen and technological innovations have provided new opportunities for work and leisure. The challenges the modern state faces are […]

1110, 2017

The InnoSI findings booklet

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Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening Communities in Europe (INNOSI) asks how to design robust social investment strategies which can deal with emerging socio-economic challenges but that meet the needs of individuals and communities. Many models are possible depending upon how policy, social and managerial roles are distributed between the public, private and third sectors and the […]

1110, 2017

InnoSI Video

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Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening communities in Europe
This video describes and explains the core mission of the InnoSI project and the people it is attempting to reach.

It provides an overview of some of the main achievements and gives an idea of the vision of the future of welfare states around Europe.

Click here to be able to […]