The tasks included in Work Package 4 relate to the selection, research and investigation into two in-depth case studies in each of the participating countries in the InnoSi project. These case studies have been chosen to highlight examples of social investment that can provide insights into how the state can effectively interact with sections of society, either as best practice cases that can be extrapolated to other contexts or as indicators of the way forward to influence policy decisions on the part of public administrations.

We invite you to click on each of the country names that appear below to access images and a summary of the case studies carried out by each of the InnoSi partner organisations.

Finnish flag


Finland             Case study 1: Youth guarantee and one-stop guidance centre

                          Case study 2: User-driven development of public services in Kainuu, Finland 


Polish flag


Poland                Case study 1“Active Regardless of Age”: Government Programme for Older Peoples’ Social Activity

                            Case study 2Assistance from “A” to “Z”: Professional activation of homeless people


Greek flag


Greece              Case study 1An Integrated Intervention for Connecting Vocational Schools Graduates with the Labour Market

                         Case study 2Promotion and Strengthening of Women’s Participation in Trade Unions and Their Representative Bodies


italian flag


Italy               Case study 1: Personalised plans in Sardinia

                      Case study 2The integrated system of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Emilia-Romagna  


UK flag


UK                     Case study 1: Troubled families in Greater Manchester

                          Case study 2: Working well


Dutch flag


Netherlands     Case study 1: Urban farminng in Utrecht, the Netherlands

                          Case study 2The Green Sticht (inclusive neighbourhood), the Netherlands


Swedish flag


Sweden                Case study 1: Exploring how a civil society public partnership matters for social impact

                             Case study 2: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Taking advantage of newly-arrived pupils’ earlier experiences and knowledge – A Swedish School Reform

Hungarian flag


Hungary             Case study 1The Social Land Program in Hungary

                            Case study 2: ‘Tanoda’ – The study hall


German flag


Germany             Case study 1MAMBA – labour market integration for refugees and asylum seekers

                                  in the city of Münster

                                                                                  Case study 2: Reconciliation of Work and Family in the frame of the “Audit Berufundfamilie”  

Spain flag


Spain                    Case study 1Social investment and the causes of energy poverty: Are cooperatives a solution?

                             Case study 2The resurgence of active employment policies in the city of Valencia