Click on each pin to see the videos where community reporters share their opinions of issues related to social investment.

As part of InnoSI, People’s Voice Media and the Institute of Community Reporters (ICR) have been running a series of 2-Day Community Reporting for Insight programmes across Europe to capture user voice on the topics and themes from the social investment case studies being examined in the project. Community Reporting is a storytelling movement that uses digital tools to support people to find their voice, challenge perceptions, and create conversations of change. We believe that people telling authentic stories about the experiences that matter to them offers valuable insights into their lives.

On these programmes, participants have captured their own and their peers’ accounts of their lived experiences using the video and audio recording functions on portable technology such as smartphones and tablets. They then uploaded these stories online at and are now continuing to share their stories as silver members of the ICR. The stories gathered were on topics such as family life, employment, education, and integration into society. These user-created stories not only provide a diverse range of ‘bottom-up’ insights about people’s lived experience of social investment and innovation programmes, but they also give information about the wider contexts of their lives, the challenges that they face and their hopes and aspirations. All of the stories gathered by the Community Reporters have been embedded into geo-map above, and are also available here.

The Community Reporting for Insight model uses people’s experiences to provide rich qualitative data to projects, taking the insights from their stories to identify themes, inform findings of wider studies and positively impact on local agendas, policies and service design. Using this model, the Community Reporters recruited as part of the InnoSI project told, captured and shared the following types of stories:

  • Snapshot Stories – short opinion-based stories that give quick insights into a specific topic.
  • Dialogue Interviews – peer-to-peer conversations without predetermined questions.
  • Personal Monologues – an individual’s own story about a specific event, experience of a topic or issue, or their life journey.

These stories were then curated by the ICR, using their method of story curation. Within the context of the Internet and the digital age, the term ‘content curation’ is broadly used to describe the process for gathering, organising and presenting information in relation to a specific subject. In-line with this, the ICR uses ‘curation’ as an umbrella term that accounts for a layered analysis process that is accompanied by a series of packaging activities in order to present back the key findings across a collection of individual stories. For the InnoSI project, each of the individual user voice stories gathered were analysed and their key findings presented back in a report and as a number of digital outputs, including the individual summative reports below.



Transversal themes for InnoSI Community Reporting

 Click on the following links to access themed summaries of the work done on the WP5 series of community reporter field work. These reports are designed to provide accounts of real-life experiences of themes related to social investment.