This is the third and final report of INNOSI Work Package 4.  It consists of a synthesis of findings and learning from twenty case studies.  Research literature on the Social Investment policy paradigm is extensive and influential, as shown in our report from the scientific perspective (D 2.2). There is also a growing body of policy-oriented discussion and analysis of ways in which welfare states are moving towards Social Investment. Both the academic and policy writing mainly concern the national and international levels. This is so despite the services that come under Social Investment being largely delivered and experienced locally. The case studies reported in detail in D 4.2 offer a unique set of original, empirically grounded research evidence about many challenges, successes and setbacks from implementation of innovative and strategic Social Investment at a regional and local level. They are informed by engagement with service users and local communities affected as well as with decision makers, managers, front-line professionals and volunteers.  In this report we begin to advance the state of the art by bringing local contexts to the fore.

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